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I am a passionate lover of the ruins; their smell, soaked with moisture, driven by winds; the touch to secular stone, sunburned, covered with mosses. I wish to share my experience with other hotheads – tramps of the wilderness, seeking for spirits, finding them where land and sky merge into one; where the awe of the unassailable gulf comes together with the absorbing piece of the ruin. This place is dedicated to the castles I have „conquered“, visited myself → Read more of these castles starting with the list here…


The castle on the picture is Kilchurn, in the west of Scotland. My love for it has a fairy story dating back to High school years when I came across its picture in a magazine during one of the studies there. A piece of an advertisement with no name but the questioning title, „When are you coming?!“ Symbolic, as it has worked out in the time. I have found the real castle behind the image only after years and its message still keeps moulding my plans for the future.

I was eighteen when I wrote The Castle of My Only Dreams, a poem about a dreaming visionary one, inspired by my everlasting passion. A personal symbol that perfectly visualizes my inner self without having lost but a piece of its truth in the course of years → Read this very special poetry of mine here…

I also scribe my own blog dedicated to the world of castles and the romantic estates of anterior times where I publish photoes and notes on these I have visited as well as others → Read more in the blog Wednesday’s Heart of Stones here…

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