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Although an amateur in the professional aspect, I am a lover of long standing and use to have this interest in the anterior times recognized since twelve years of age. Few things in my life have possessed the power to retain their importance, only real ones born within my heart, and I am blessed to have this passion of mine overtaken me exactly. I perceive Middle Ages as an ocean, which I am anxious about not having the time to swim through in life and so focus on certain thematic areas → Read more of these medieval subjects in the list here…

The woman on the picture is Anne Boleyn, mother of my favourite Queen Elizabeth I of England. There was a period in my life when I was hugely impressed by the drama surrounding this woman and queen. Her famous portrait by Hans Holbein and the movie Anne of the Thousand Days with the beautiful actress Geneviève Bujold fed up my vision about her controversial figure and inspired the literary imagery. I was eighteen when I wrote an essay about Anne Boleyn’s tragic fate and person → Read this very special essay of mine here…

The exchange of experience as well as those pure instants of sense perception and expression are equally important for me. I have ever missed kindred souls in my closest circle of friends to share these excitement and opinions. The procurement of information has been a difficult task until recently as well. Feeling lucky now to have connected both to the global well of information and an audience → Meet some visiting this medieval fanboard here…

I also scribe my own blog dedicated to my medieval interests and Middle Ages in general → Read more in the blog Medieval Wednesday and the Two Queens here…

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